This was a 4 foot clock, so we had room for a favorite quote AND the family name & marriage date. She wanted the Roman Numerals straight up and down instead of in a circle.

Many people like the way that the double circles look, around the minute dashes

12" Kids Clocks
For the Green & Pink ones, I just decopauged scrapbook paper on!
The possibilities for color & design are endless with scrapbook paper!
(only works for a 12" clock)

Display for a Craft Enrichment Night I taught

The crackle effect is fun & makes the clock look antiqued
For this clock, they sent me the Monogram for their friend's wedding & I duplicated it onto the clock & they gave it to their friends as a wedding gift. You can do this with any design or business logo.

"Always & Forever" - I LOVE this quote, if you don't know what to put on your clock!

Clean & Simple. No Texture-Brown Stain with Dark Brown Vinyl.

Fun Saying for your clock!
This is a 3 foot clock, so we had room for a longer quote.

Crackle Clock with Roman Numerals.
With Roman Numerals you have the option of laying them in a CIRCLE, instead of having them all stand straight up & down.

Her husband served his mission in Bristol, Englad & the Est. date is when that mission was established. Cute idea!!

Here is another one where the Roman Numerals go in a circle around the clock.

It is hard to tell on this clock, but she wanted a touch of blue, so the color that shows through on the crackle is BLUE & I painted the outer edge BLUE as well, so it would match her house!
This was a wedding gift for my friend APRIL:)
I sent it to her in Utah, so it traveled without the hands...since they are so fragile!
Tan Glaze Wash-No Texture.
I just made this for a BABY BOY GIFT BASKET that someone was giving to a friend. He had an ABC's Nursery & his name was "River", so I wanted to do a "R" in the center.

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