The Winner Is...

Congratulations #32...


for winning the CLOCK!

Thank you to EVERYONE for advertising on your facebook/blogs...I already have a handful of orders, so I think I will be doing another giveaway SOON! I will let you know & maybe YOU will be the lucky winner in the next one!

Happy Black Friday!

I hope all of you early rising shoppers, get SOME sleep today!


I am holding a GIVEAWAY to help spread the word about my NEW PRESSED TIN CLOCKS I am selling!!!

I don't care who you are or how you found my blog...but I WELCOME YOU & I'd love for you to win this beautiful 12" green clock...

this beige one....

That's right!
You can
choose between the two if you win!
I like them both for different reasons, but you get to decide which you like best!

*Note that the green one has no numbers so can be hung straight or at a diagonal(like in the above picture) or sat on an easel.

SO...whether you are thinking "this would make a great Christmas present for
Auntie Francis" or "that would look perfect in my master bedroom" or "that would go great in my office at work...go write up a little post on your blog about this giveaway & link back to this blog & then leave your name & email address in the comment section!

*You can do this on facebook AND/OR your blog...and if you do it on BOTH...enter your name in the comment section TWICE to increase your chance at winning!!!

*Contest closes at 11:59pm-Thanksgiving Day...or...ummm...I suppose that would be Night:)
So check back on Black Friday to see if you won! You won't even have to wait in any long lines to snag up this {free} deal!!! Can't beat that!

*I will use to choose the winner
*I will ship it go ahead & matter where you live

UPDATE: I had people trying to enter & said that you could only comment if you were a registered user. I just switched it, so that if you don't have a blog & you wrote about it on facebook, you can now leave a comment as Anonymous...just make sure to leave your email in your comment, so I can contact you when you win! Sorry about the confusion!


AND...if you are looking to place an order for a CUSTOM CLOCK for a Christmas Gift for a FAMILY MEMBER, FRIEND, or CO-WORKER...check out my discounted prices on my sidebar IF you place your order by DECEMBER 1st!!!

Tin Wall Clocks

Remember this clock I made for MY home???
12" Tin Square Wall Clocks !!!

Choose from one of the following 4 designs/colors...

& order your clock today for only $35!!!


Or these custom designs for $40...

Always - 9 1/2" x 9 1/2"

Baseball - 9 1/2" x 9 1/2"

Simplify - 9 1/2" x 9 1/2"
Home - 9 1/2" x 9 1/2"
Cowboy- - 9 3/8" x 12 1/2"

Or choose from one of these following CUSTOM tin designs for $50

High Heel- 12" x 12"

Old Architect - 12"x 12"

Pray - 9"x 9"

Royalty 12" x 12"

You can choose whether or not you want regular numbers, roman numerals or no numbers at all


Want a more affordable option for a CUSTOM CLOCK???


3 sizes now available...custom design yours today!


18"-$ 40

*photo courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond

Wedding Gift

A customized clock is the pefect wedding gift!
I made this one for my soon to be sister-in-law's wedding shower giftIt is hard to tell in the picture, but the numbers & B are white & the Brinton, marriage date & clock hands are SILVER

Clock Prices

Now selling CLOCK KITS!! Make your own custom clock!!

12" Clock KIT- $20
18" Clock KIT- $45
24" Clock KIT- $60
36" Clock KIT- $85
48" Clock KIT- Currently unavailable 
*custom vinyl available upon request. Pricing on vinyl may vary

Philips 3 foot clock

This 3 foot clock was made for a good friend of mine. They recently moved into a new home & needed something above their fridge in their kitchen. This clock looks great up there, with their high ceilings!
Font: Lucida Calligraphy

Thanks for the order Jenny!


I have had this tin wall hanging in my house forever, trying to think of something fun to do with it. I was planning to make it into a picture frame for a long time, like THIS...but never got around to it.
I was talking to my brother last night about some new clock ideas, and when I woke up this morning...I decided to see if I could turn this tin square into a clock.

I like how it turned out! is NOT for sale. I'm putting it in my house.

I can't decide if I like it HERE...

or here...
or somewhere else...but I'm sure I'll decide on the perfect spot!

PRICES for these new TIN, SQUARE CLOCKS will be coming SOON!!!

Meanwhile...if you'd like to order one, email me at
and I can show you some of the tile designs/sizes!

I just recently donated these 2 clocks to a CHARITY AUCTION for Mesa Foundation for Excellence

Black 24" Clock with Beige Vinyl
"Families Are Timeless" in Kayleigh Font

12" White & Hot Pink Clock
Numbers are in 2 Peas Mister Giggles FONT
with Hippie Flower in the center, with circles for the minute & hours marks

And the WINNER is...


I will be getting the clock to you very soon!


True Random Number Service

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-04-20 12:03:19 UTC I have your ATTENTION!?!

In an effort to advertise in this AWESOME economy, I am doing a FREE...that is right...

-$95 Value!!!-

You can't lose when something is FREE!!!

If you want to win the CUTE 1 & 1/2 foot RED RUSTIC CLOCK shown above
, then simply:

1. Write up a post on your blog or facebook, including the green advertisement below & a pic of the red clock above, explaining about the FREE GIVEAWAY!

2.Include a LINK to my clock blog!

3.Make a comment on this post, letting me know that you posted on your blog/facebook-ANYONE can enter, I don't have to know you!
Public or Private Blogs(although you'll have to send me an invited if you are Private & I don't know you, so I will know that you posted)!

4.Check back on April 20th & see if you WON!!! (drawing will be held @ noon on Monday, April 20th, using an online random number selector!)

Actually...EASIER! I've made a few pies & they are kinda difficult!

***If you haven't found a gift for your MOM for Mother's Day, I think a CUSTOM CLOCK would make a very THOUGHTFUL GIFT! The deadline to order for Mother's Day is May 1st & you will receive 15% off !!! GET CREATIVE & THINK OF A UNIQUE DESIGN & ORDER TODAY by emailing me at

and YES...I'm hoping to get SOME ORDERS from this advertisement, so THANK YOU in advance for helping me spread the word!!!


I just recently starting SHIPPING my clocks, so you can enter the drawing/order a clock, EVEN if you live out of state!

You are allowed to be related to me! ANYONE can enter...AS LONG AS you have a blog to help me spread the word!


Pink & White

This 12" HOT PINK & WHITE clock was made for a Charity Auction & I LOVE the way it turned out! If I had a girl, I might have kept it & put it in her room:)

The numbers are in 2 Peas Mister Giggles Font & the flower in the center is a 60's Hippie flower design I found!

Reese Clock

This 18" Chocolate Brown & Pink clock is for a little girl's nursery. The name Reese is Girly Girl Font.

I overlapped the name Reese over the letter R


This was a 4 foot clock, so we had room for a favorite quote AND the family name & marriage date. She wanted the Roman Numerals straight up and down instead of in a circle.

Many people like the way that the double circles look, around the minute dashes

12" Kids Clocks
For the Green & Pink ones, I just decopauged scrapbook paper on!
The possibilities for color & design are endless with scrapbook paper!
(only works for a 12" clock)

Display for a Craft Enrichment Night I taught

The crackle effect is fun & makes the clock look antiqued
For this clock, they sent me the Monogram for their friend's wedding & I duplicated it onto the clock & they gave it to their friends as a wedding gift. You can do this with any design or business logo.

"Always & Forever" - I LOVE this quote, if you don't know what to put on your clock!

Clean & Simple. No Texture-Brown Stain with Dark Brown Vinyl.

Fun Saying for your clock!
This is a 3 foot clock, so we had room for a longer quote.

Crackle Clock with Roman Numerals.
With Roman Numerals you have the option of laying them in a CIRCLE, instead of having them all stand straight up & down.

Her husband served his mission in Bristol, Englad & the Est. date is when that mission was established. Cute idea!!

Here is another one where the Roman Numerals go in a circle around the clock.

It is hard to tell on this clock, but she wanted a touch of blue, so the color that shows through on the crackle is BLUE & I painted the outer edge BLUE as well, so it would match her house!
This was a wedding gift for my friend APRIL:)
I sent it to her in Utah, so it traveled without the hands...since they are so fragile!
Tan Glaze Wash-No Texture.
I just made this for a BABY BOY GIFT BASKET that someone was giving to a friend. He had an ABC's Nursery & his name was "River", so I wanted to do a "R" in the center.

Whiting Dental

New...SQUARE Clocks!!!

I made this 18" square clock for a Dental Office.
It was framed by Rob Brinton @ Matage Custom Framing on Gilbert & Southern in Mesa.

I can make a clock with any company logo or design!