For Nie...

Family-A Journey to Forever

While I do not know Nie personally, I would love to help in the effort & have decided to DONATE the "Family, a Journey to Forever" clock for a silent auction in the Phx Valley.(must be available for delivery or pick-up---clocks are too large to ship) This clock is 2 feet in diameter & has a dark tan textured finish with black vinyl roman numerals & lettering. Design Mom had the great idea to designate Thursday, Aug. 28th & NieNie Day & people all over the blogging world are hosting silent auctions. Please put a bid in the comment section if you would like to place a bid...All proceeds will go directly to the Nielsen family. The auction will begin Thurs, Aug. 28th & will end Monday, Sept. 1st... check back often & see if you are the current HIGH BIDDER!:)

Place your bid by leaving your Name and Bid Amount in the comments section. *Make sure to check the comments section to see what the current high bid is. The auction will end on Monday, September 1st at 9:00 PM (PST). The winner will then pay the amount of their winning bid to the Stephanie and Christian PayPal account and forward the PayPal receipt to so I can deliver the clock to you!

FONT: "family" is in Scriptina-all lower case
"a journey to forever" is in Marnie Font

Also, if you'd like to order a custom clock... 15% of all custom orders placed by Nov. 1st, will go to the Nielsen family.