Philips 3 foot clock

This 3 foot clock was made for a good friend of mine. They recently moved into a new home & needed something above their fridge in their kitchen. This clock looks great up there, with their high ceilings!
Font: Lucida Calligraphy

Thanks for the order Jenny!


I have had this tin wall hanging in my house forever, trying to think of something fun to do with it. I was planning to make it into a picture frame for a long time, like THIS...but never got around to it.
I was talking to my brother last night about some new clock ideas, and when I woke up this morning...I decided to see if I could turn this tin square into a clock.

I like how it turned out! is NOT for sale. I'm putting it in my house.

I can't decide if I like it HERE...

or here...
or somewhere else...but I'm sure I'll decide on the perfect spot!

PRICES for these new TIN, SQUARE CLOCKS will be coming SOON!!!

Meanwhile...if you'd like to order one, email me at
and I can show you some of the tile designs/sizes!