Square Damask Clock

A 2 foot SQUARE brown & cream clock, hanging by brown Ribbon! Hope you love it Beth!!!

Hanging up above her beautiful dresser, BETH from Stories From A to Z made!

This clock is entirely HAND-PAINTED.
The surface has a crackled finish & has been distressed...

New Clocks in Etsy Shop!

I just put a few new clocks up in my ETSY SHOP...


Pink & Green Beadboard

This cute, distressed, PINK & GREEN beadboard clock would look GREAT in a little girl's room!

12" Square -ON SALE HERE!!! $30

Chalkboard Clock

Order a "BLANK SLATE" & customize it however you would like, with my NEW Chalkboard Clock!!!

On Sale HERE!! 12" Round- $25

Blue & Brown

Chocolate Brown Numbers & ribbon are the perfect accents for this BLUE Beadboard Clock!

12" Clock- On Sale TODAY! $30