The Winner Is...

Congratulations #32...


for winning the CLOCK!

Thank you to EVERYONE for advertising on your facebook/blogs...I already have a handful of orders, so I think I will be doing another giveaway SOON! I will let you know & maybe YOU will be the lucky winner in the next one!

Happy Black Friday!

I hope all of you early rising shoppers, get SOME sleep today!


I am holding a GIVEAWAY to help spread the word about my NEW PRESSED TIN CLOCKS I am selling!!!

I don't care who you are or how you found my blog...but I WELCOME YOU & I'd love for you to win this beautiful 12" green clock...

this beige one....

That's right!
You can
choose between the two if you win!
I like them both for different reasons, but you get to decide which you like best!

*Note that the green one has no numbers so can be hung straight or at a diagonal(like in the above picture) or sat on an easel.

SO...whether you are thinking "this would make a great Christmas present for
Auntie Francis" or "that would look perfect in my master bedroom" or "that would go great in my office at work...go write up a little post on your blog about this giveaway & link back to this blog & then leave your name & email address in the comment section!

*You can do this on facebook AND/OR your blog...and if you do it on BOTH...enter your name in the comment section TWICE to increase your chance at winning!!!

*Contest closes at 11:59pm-Thanksgiving Day...or...ummm...I suppose that would be Night:)
So check back on Black Friday to see if you won! You won't even have to wait in any long lines to snag up this {free} deal!!! Can't beat that!

*I will use to choose the winner
*I will ship it go ahead & matter where you live

UPDATE: I had people trying to enter & said that you could only comment if you were a registered user. I just switched it, so that if you don't have a blog & you wrote about it on facebook, you can now leave a comment as Anonymous...just make sure to leave your email in your comment, so I can contact you when you win! Sorry about the confusion!


AND...if you are looking to place an order for a CUSTOM CLOCK for a Christmas Gift for a FAMILY MEMBER, FRIEND, or CO-WORKER...check out my discounted prices on my sidebar IF you place your order by DECEMBER 1st!!!

Tin Wall Clocks

Remember this clock I made for MY home???
12" Tin Square Wall Clocks !!!

Choose from one of the following 4 designs/colors...

& order your clock today for only $35!!!


Or these custom designs for $40...

Always - 9 1/2" x 9 1/2"

Baseball - 9 1/2" x 9 1/2"

Simplify - 9 1/2" x 9 1/2"
Home - 9 1/2" x 9 1/2"
Cowboy- - 9 3/8" x 12 1/2"

Or choose from one of these following CUSTOM tin designs for $50

High Heel- 12" x 12"

Old Architect - 12"x 12"

Pray - 9"x 9"

Royalty 12" x 12"

You can choose whether or not you want regular numbers, roman numerals or no numbers at all


Want a more affordable option for a CUSTOM CLOCK???


3 sizes now available...custom design yours today!


18"-$ 40

*photo courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond

Wedding Gift

A customized clock is the pefect wedding gift!
I made this one for my soon to be sister-in-law's wedding shower giftIt is hard to tell in the picture, but the numbers & B are white & the Brinton, marriage date & clock hands are SILVER