F-R-E-E...do I have your ATTENTION!?!

In an effort to advertise in this AWESOME economy, I am doing a FREE...that is right...

-$95 Value!!!-

You can't lose when something is FREE!!!

If you want to win the CUTE 1 & 1/2 foot RED RUSTIC CLOCK shown above
, then simply:

1. Write up a post on your blog or facebook, including the green advertisement below & a pic of the red clock above, explaining about the FREE GIVEAWAY!

2.Include a LINK to my clock blog!

3.Make a comment on this post, letting me know that you posted on your blog/facebook-ANYONE can enter, I don't have to know you!
Public or Private Blogs(although you'll have to send me an invited if you are Private & I don't know you, so I will know that you posted)!

4.Check back on April 20th & see if you WON!!! (drawing will be held @ noon on Monday, April 20th, using an online random number selector!)

Actually...EASIER! I've made a few pies & they are kinda difficult!

***If you haven't found a gift for your MOM for Mother's Day, I think a CUSTOM CLOCK would make a very THOUGHTFUL GIFT! The deadline to order for Mother's Day is May 1st & you will receive 15% off !!! GET CREATIVE & THINK OF A UNIQUE DESIGN & ORDER TODAY by emailing me at clocksbystaci@gmail.com

and YES...I'm hoping to get SOME ORDERS from this advertisement, so THANK YOU in advance for helping me spread the word!!!


I just recently starting SHIPPING my clocks, so you can enter the drawing/order a clock, EVEN if you live out of state!

You are allowed to be related to me! ANYONE can enter...AS LONG AS you have a blog to help me spread the word!



Jenn said...

I did it! http://squealerwheelers.blogspot.com/2009/04/check-this-out.html

Good to know that you ship now!!

JaimieA said...

Ok I better win, jk!



Tanner ♥ Chaya said...

Done and Done! I'm so excited!

Carrie Brown said...

Hope this brings ya some business! I love your clocks!!! I couldn't figure out how to make a link on my blog????

Kendra said...

It's on my blog!

Heather said...

ok it's all set! I hope this helps!

Monkeys ARDently In Sinc said...

It's on my blog! Check it out on my blog!

Melanie W. said...
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Melanie W. said...

Hi Staci,
I put a link on my blog!!

-Melanie Wallbrecht

Anonymous said...

Hi Staci,
I put a link on my blog too!!
They are too cute.

-Jessica Lamont

Becky said...

Love the giveaways! I put one on the preschool blog. Have Kylie show you. The clocks are way cute!!!

kristi*jansen said...

I put one on my post too... I know I have a vinyl machine but making clocks is too time consuming :)

Alana said...

Its on mine too! http://parkerpower.blogspot.com

Anything to help...you rock!


Ryan & Mel said...

Cute clock! I've posted it on my blog:


Melanie C.

Macey Kay said...

Hey Staci, I blogged. So cute and good luck!

Dev said...

I love the clock! I just posted about it on my giveaway blog. Hopefully it will send more people your way. :-)


Sherry said...

I like red color! :)

posted http://sherrycontest.blogspot.com/2009/04/clock-giveawayclocks-by-stacie.html

sherrygo at hotmail dot com

bettina said...

done. Good luck!

The Standrings said...

stace, i did it too! i hope you get LOTS of business!

Angie said...

Hi Staci,

Just posted your contest on my blog! YEA!


Crystal-lynn said...

I just posted about your beautiful clocks on my blog! http://crystallynnsjoy.blogspot.com/

I'm pretty sure, with how I heard about this through Kendra, & she said you're her cousin, that I grew up with your big sisters, & that I was recently in your family's ward. :) Good times!