Forever, For Always, And No Matter What

This 24" clock has a washed tan-look(no crackle) with a smooth surface & black vinyl numbering/lettering.
Font: Jayne Print
Black sponged edge/ hour diamonds/no-minute dashes

Kids Clocks

Make a FUN, CREATIVE CLOCK for your kid's room! Match it to the theme of your baby's nursery!

This clock has a smooth/solid surface & was painted baby blue. The numbers & letter "P" are in dark brown vinyl and in PRECISE font. The 2" stars are white vinyl.


This 18" clock is an "antique-style" clock with the crackle-effect and roman numerals. This clock was ordered as a wedding present for someone & they requested that the couple's Monogram be put on the clock, along with their family name. She sent me a picture of the monogram(from their wedding invitations) & I was able to duplicate it with vinyl lettering. This clock is hand-painted and the numbers, grapes & monogram are vinyl.

What a thoughtful gift for someone...

Allen Clock Co.

This family wanted a 36" red clock w/black accents & the crackle-effect. I used their family name "Allen" and personalized it by adding "Clock Co." This is one of the first clocks I made, before I started using the entire clock is handpainted.

Allen Clock Co.

This is the clock hanging in my own home. I love the tan and black against my red wall. This 36" clock is entirely hand-painted and accented with our family name. This clock has a textured surface and the crackle-effect.


This 36" tan clock has a black base coat with black accents. The roman numerals and lettering are vinyl, while the remainder of the clock is hand-painted. Welch is their family name and 1993 was the year they were married. Font for roman numerals is: Bon Appetit
Font for lettering & Est. date is: Script MT Bold

The Wolt's

This 24" clock is tan with chocolate brown numbers and the crackle-effect. This family wanted a lighter-tan colored "W" behind their family name. The numbers and lettering are vinyl and the rest of the clock is hand-painted.

Barba & Co.

This 24" clock was ordered as a Christmas gift for their family. They requested the tan clock with crackle-effect(very popular, because it goes with a variety of decor). They requested their family name, year of marriage and the saying, "Families are Timeless" This clock was hand-painted, except for the numbers and lettering, which are black vinyl. They wanted a tint of RED, so I did a RED WASH over the top, to give it a slight hit of red.

Brinton Clock Co.

This family requested a 36" tan-crackle clock with black accents, but they wanted to tie in red somehow. We decided to make the roman numerals red. They added their family name for personalization and it now hangs above their fireplace. This entire clock is hand-painted.