Chevron Clock

I made this 18" clock for my best friend's "chic" pink, grey and cream nursery" for soon to arrive, baby girl Sophie! I hope she likes it!


Want to make your own clock? 
Now selling CLOCK KITS...includes routed wood rounds with pre drilled hole in center, clock mechanism & hands! Custom Vinyl available on request *pricing subject to size.

12" Clock KIT- $20
18" Clock KIT- $45
24" Clock KIT- $60
36" Clock KIT- $85

Father's Day Sale

Does your dad have a favorite sports team? Does he still take pride in his college university? Does he have a favorite quote? How about a clock for his office at work? Or that blank wall in his bedroom? Get creative and order your FATHER'S DAY GIFT TODAY! Order by June 1st to receive the "clearance prices" listed HERE. Email Staci at

Framed Beadboard Clock

A wedding gift for Mr & Mrs(soon to be) Brown!!!

Chocolate Brown Vinyl Numbers & Damask Design...
Hanging above bride-to-be's bed...

Framed Clocks

NEW: Framed Beadboard Clocks!
My cousin ordered an "ALL WHITE CLOCK" & this is what I came up with. Email me today at to place your order!

I decided on some BEIGE dots for the numbers so that the overall appearance was still "ALL WHITE", but the clock would actually tell time;)

Football Clock for Lolly Jane

I made this clock for my good friend, Kristi! 
I knew her nursery was blue, red & brown with a "football" theme, so this is what I came up with...

Here is a picture she sent, 
hanging in Kase's nursery!

Wanna see more adorable details & tutorials on this ADORABLE
Check it out at the Cutest Blog in the world, 

Hudson Clock

This Chocolate Brown & Baby Blue 18" Clock was made with love for baby Hudson!
Mom wanted Baby Blue with Brown Numbers & an H in the center for his name...then I pulled the circle design from this picture that his mom sent me of his bedding to tie it together...

Monster Truck Clock

I had a request for a MONSTER TRUCK clock for a special 3 year old boy!
This 18" red clock has actual "toy monster truck tracks" across the face & 3-D numbers with a vinyl decal in the center...

Framed !

Custom Framed Clocks Available
*Prices based on custom frame...made by the INCREDIBLE Rob Brinton, owner of

I made this one for a THANK YOU for an LDS Mission President in Honduras...


Now offering WHOLESALE PRICING on orders of 5 or more clocks!!!
Thanks for my first Wholesale Order Kathryn!

Email me for prices & details!

Caitlin Clock

I got an invite for my friend's baby shower & I thought it would be fun to make her a clock!
I emailed her & asked her what her nursery colors were...
She replied pink, green, blue, orange & purple 
& told me it was the Sophie Collection from Pottery Barn Kids & I looked it up, to see what I wanted to do! 
There are stripes, floral & polka dots, but I decided to stick with the "Polka Dots" & use a square piece of bead board to add in a bit of the "stripes"
I distressed the bead board & the polka dots, to give it a shabby look & hung it with a piece of material, versus ribbon...
 I'm going to name this the "Caitlin Clock" 
since that was the name on the bedding that inspired this clock:)

Square Damask Clock

A 2 foot SQUARE brown & cream clock, hanging by brown Ribbon! Hope you love it Beth!!!

Hanging up above her beautiful dresser, BETH from Stories From A to Z made!

This clock is entirely HAND-PAINTED.
The surface has a crackled finish & has been distressed...

New Clocks in Etsy Shop!

I just put a few new clocks up in my ETSY SHOP...


Pink & Green Beadboard

This cute, distressed, PINK & GREEN beadboard clock would look GREAT in a little girl's room!

12" Square -ON SALE HERE!!! $30

Chalkboard Clock

Order a "BLANK SLATE" & customize it however you would like, with my NEW Chalkboard Clock!!!

On Sale HERE!! 12" Round- $25

Blue & Brown

Chocolate Brown Numbers & ribbon are the perfect accents for this BLUE Beadboard Clock!

12" Clock- On Sale TODAY! $30

Country Clock

Julie wanted a 2 foot Yellow Clock for her bedroom.
We talked about doing it on bead board, since her bedroom has a country feel, but she didn't want a square, so I decided to give the clock a rustic wood feel on my own...

By painting brown vertical lines & then sanding down the entire clock, it gave it a rustic feel, that HOPEFULLY goes with her decor!

She wanted it to match her bedding, so she gave me a pillow sham to look at, which helped a lot!

Enjoy your clock Julie!!!

Green & Pink scream little Girl!

No...I don't have any girls yet...
Maybe Someday.

But I love the Hot Pink & Lime Green Combo for girls, so that is exactly what I chose for the little GIRL clock I made for the Cubs/Hohokam luncheon that is this weekend.

Baseball Clock

Mesa, AZ is Chicago Cubs home for Spring Training, so we all LOVE the Cubs around here!
This weekend i
s a Luncheon for the Player's wives & the Hohokam's wives & I made a GIRL & A BOY clock for them to give away at their luncheon.

When asked to make a BOY clock, I thought a BASEBALL clock would be fitting for the event!

Here is the finished clock...

The baseballs are foam & are slightly raised, giving a slight 3-D look!

3-D Numbers

I added a little dimension with the numbers 12, 3, 6, 9 for something different on this 2 foot red clock...

Just adds a little pop!

Vinyl on the Wall Clock

Ever considered putting a clock DIRECTLY on your wall?

With my new VINYL ON THE WALL can apply your clock directly to a wall in your home, for a FUN & UNIQUE look!

Pricing on my new "VINYL ON THE WALL" Clocks will be coming soon...

Beach Inspired Clock

I recently maade this 12" Beach Clock...

I used small starfish & sand dollars that I had in a jar in my bathroom for the Hour Marks & painted the clock a light blue with a white edge...
I love the way they pop off the clock, giving a little 3-D look:)

Now...I just wish my walls were covered in sand...

Damask Clock

Something NEW & DIFFERENT!!!


I love this damask pattern, simple in black and white to go with a variety of decor...

2 foot Quote Clock

This was an order from across the United States(yes, I am happy to ship!)
They wanted a 2 foot crackeld, brown glazed clock with Roman Numerals that said, "We Do Not Remember Days, We Only Remember Moments(Scriptina Font)

A close up of the Crackled Face...

12" Family Clocks

These 3 clocks are all very similar, going to 3 different families...
This is a classic look that can fit into almost any decor, a GREAT option for a gift for someone else! Add their family name to personalize it just for them & I love the detail that the double black circles add around the edge!