Framed Clocks

NEW: Framed Beadboard Clocks!
My cousin ordered an "ALL WHITE CLOCK" & this is what I came up with. Email me today at to place your order!

I decided on some BEIGE dots for the numbers so that the overall appearance was still "ALL WHITE", but the clock would actually tell time;)

Football Clock for Lolly Jane

I made this clock for my good friend, Kristi! 
I knew her nursery was blue, red & brown with a "football" theme, so this is what I came up with...

Here is a picture she sent, 
hanging in Kase's nursery!

Wanna see more adorable details & tutorials on this ADORABLE
Check it out at the Cutest Blog in the world, 

Hudson Clock

This Chocolate Brown & Baby Blue 18" Clock was made with love for baby Hudson!
Mom wanted Baby Blue with Brown Numbers & an H in the center for his name...then I pulled the circle design from this picture that his mom sent me of his bedding to tie it together...

Monster Truck Clock

I had a request for a MONSTER TRUCK clock for a special 3 year old boy!
This 18" red clock has actual "toy monster truck tracks" across the face & 3-D numbers with a vinyl decal in the center...

Framed !

Custom Framed Clocks Available
*Prices based on custom frame...made by the INCREDIBLE Rob Brinton, owner of

I made this one for a THANK YOU for an LDS Mission President in Honduras...


Now offering WHOLESALE PRICING on orders of 5 or more clocks!!!
Thanks for my first Wholesale Order Kathryn!

Email me for prices & details!

Caitlin Clock

I got an invite for my friend's baby shower & I thought it would be fun to make her a clock!
I emailed her & asked her what her nursery colors were...
She replied pink, green, blue, orange & purple 
& told me it was the Sophie Collection from Pottery Barn Kids & I looked it up, to see what I wanted to do! 
There are stripes, floral & polka dots, but I decided to stick with the "Polka Dots" & use a square piece of bead board to add in a bit of the "stripes"
I distressed the bead board & the polka dots, to give it a shabby look & hung it with a piece of material, versus ribbon...
 I'm going to name this the "Caitlin Clock" 
since that was the name on the bedding that inspired this clock:)

Square Damask Clock

A 2 foot SQUARE brown & cream clock, hanging by brown Ribbon! Hope you love it Beth!!!

Hanging up above her beautiful dresser, BETH from Stories From A to Z made!

This clock is entirely HAND-PAINTED.
The surface has a crackled finish & has been distressed...

New Clocks in Etsy Shop!

I just put a few new clocks up in my ETSY SHOP...


Pink & Green Beadboard

This cute, distressed, PINK & GREEN beadboard clock would look GREAT in a little girl's room!

12" Square -ON SALE HERE!!! $30

Chalkboard Clock

Order a "BLANK SLATE" & customize it however you would like, with my NEW Chalkboard Clock!!!

On Sale HERE!! 12" Round- $25

Blue & Brown

Chocolate Brown Numbers & ribbon are the perfect accents for this BLUE Beadboard Clock!

12" Clock- On Sale TODAY! $30

Country Clock

Julie wanted a 2 foot Yellow Clock for her bedroom.
We talked about doing it on bead board, since her bedroom has a country feel, but she didn't want a square, so I decided to give the clock a rustic wood feel on my own...

By painting brown vertical lines & then sanding down the entire clock, it gave it a rustic feel, that HOPEFULLY goes with her decor!

She wanted it to match her bedding, so she gave me a pillow sham to look at, which helped a lot!

Enjoy your clock Julie!!!

Green & Pink scream little Girl!

No...I don't have any girls yet...
Maybe Someday.

But I love the Hot Pink & Lime Green Combo for girls, so that is exactly what I chose for the little GIRL clock I made for the Cubs/Hohokam luncheon that is this weekend.

Baseball Clock

Mesa, AZ is Chicago Cubs home for Spring Training, so we all LOVE the Cubs around here!
This weekend i
s a Luncheon for the Player's wives & the Hohokam's wives & I made a GIRL & A BOY clock for them to give away at their luncheon.

When asked to make a BOY clock, I thought a BASEBALL clock would be fitting for the event!

Here is the finished clock...

The baseballs are foam & are slightly raised, giving a slight 3-D look!

3-D Numbers

I added a little dimension with the numbers 12, 3, 6, 9 for something different on this 2 foot red clock...

Just adds a little pop!

Vinyl on the Wall Clock

Ever considered putting a clock DIRECTLY on your wall?

With my new VINYL ON THE WALL can apply your clock directly to a wall in your home, for a FUN & UNIQUE look!

Pricing on my new "VINYL ON THE WALL" Clocks will be coming soon...

Beach Inspired Clock

I recently maade this 12" Beach Clock...

I used small starfish & sand dollars that I had in a jar in my bathroom for the Hour Marks & painted the clock a light blue with a white edge...
I love the way they pop off the clock, giving a little 3-D look:)

Now...I just wish my walls were covered in sand...

Damask Clock

Something NEW & DIFFERENT!!!


I love this damask pattern, simple in black and white to go with a variety of decor...

2 foot Quote Clock

This was an order from across the United States(yes, I am happy to ship!)
They wanted a 2 foot crackeld, brown glazed clock with Roman Numerals that said, "We Do Not Remember Days, We Only Remember Moments(Scriptina Font)

A close up of the Crackled Face...

12" Family Clocks

These 3 clocks are all very similar, going to 3 different families...
This is a classic look that can fit into almost any decor, a GREAT option for a gift for someone else! Add their family name to personalize it just for them & I love the detail that the double black circles add around the edge!

Red & Blue Clocks

I just finished this Black & Red clock for a little girl's room & this Blue Tonka clock for a little boy's room!
I hope you enjoy them Whitney!


I had fun making this clock for Tanner & Chaya's Wedding Gift!
They wanted black, white & silver & this is what they came up with for the design...
It is hard to tell with the flash...but the BIG A, the hands, the numbers & minute dashes are all in WHITE & the "Allen" and "May 23, 2008" are in silver.

Congratulations on tieing the knot you two! I had a lot of FUN making this clock for you!!!

Yamaha Clock

A friend wrote me with the request to make a clock for her husband for Valentine's Day...
She sent me this Yamaha Logo as inspiration, since he loves Yamaha.

She chose a good logo to turn into a clock! The design worked perfectly...
Hope your husband likes it Rachel!